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that sounds exhausting im sorry

they killed them after they stabbed them 666 times?  how does that much stabbing not kill someone all on its own?

do you think any of them lost count?

“476, 477, 479… wait crap. steve, i think i messed up. do i start over?”

what the hell is wrong with this website


Instead of doing all that work, couldn’t they have just killed three Russian teenagers and stabbed them each six times? That would be much easier.

Tumblr: where we criticize satan worshippers, not for killing people, but for the unnecessary amount of effort they put into doing it.

Just Seems like total overkill to me.

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Anonymous asked:

do the military spouses know you film and he watches

Yes, It would be highly illegal if they did not know. Plus, they are usually turned on by it even more.

Why can’t black people be Racist against White people?

I live on the East Coast. 4 adult Black men threw soda on my brother from their vehicle as they drove past him. My brother has a severe Mental Defect along with Severe ADHD. My brother did nothing but ride his bike to deserve this.

Why is it that Black people cannot be racist against Whites?

Why can they complain about unequal rights but I cannot?

Why can they commit crimes against me and it not be Hate?

My Ancestors were Slaves too in the Irish Slave Trade in the United States but I cannot talk about that, it will make me Racist.

Why doesn’t Obama comment on the murders of Channon Christian,Christopher Newsom, Hope Melton, Emily Rimel or Hannah Wheeling?

When All I did was defend my Culture, Race and my Family. Why is it because I am WHITE…That this Post will mark me as a Racist?

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